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The Different Types of Slots Games

November 13, 2015

Online casinos usually note their slots as being either 3 or 5 reel slots. The overall distinction is more than the number of reels. History notes that when the slot machine was invested, it had only 3 reels. There is a sector of the population of casino players that spent their time playing 3 slots in casinos. This is why certain casino players often prefer to play 3 reel slots online. 5 reel slots are an outcome of the ever changing dynamics of the online gaming industry. They are the pick amongst the younger age groups.

The two extra reels provide a mixture of different winning features, blends and bigger payouts. There are also more icons that can be placed on the reels. In the 3 reel slots, it was a kind of one size fits all requisites associated with the slots game. There were nominal assortments in the workings of the game. In other words, very little variety in the types of displays and game features that could be had. Thus, 5 reel slots provide a better number of combinations and permutations for the game of slots and are considered to be very distinctive online. Essentially, one would never catch a million dollar payout on a 3 reel slots, but on a 5 reel slots, it is quite common. 5 reel slots can be denoted to provide smaller but more regular payouts irrespective of the fact that 3 reel payouts tend to have larger more infrequent payouts. 5 reel slots have a better appeal to casino players online because of their many interactive features such as bonus rounds and scatters.

5 reel slots are becoming the norm almost and 3 reels slots becoming more and harder to find online. Whether 3 reels or 5 reels, slot machines in general have progressed significantly in the online gaming industry. The growth of the slots is ever climbing. This shows that casino gaming is continuing to expand significantly based on two fronts - sensory, which means that slots companies can create games that have exceptional and enhanced graphics designs, music integration and other bells and whistles; and the process of slots is becoming much more of the focus of slot creators. The icons and features are becoming the norm rather than a passing fad. Bonus games are being developed more and more and many different facets to a slots game are now being implemented.

When considering which type to play, it is essential to decide how you want to maximize your profits. While 3 reels are becoming obsolete in a sense, they are still viable in terms of payouts and understanding. 5 reels are much more common and as stated provide regular payouts even if they are not huge (unless you are continuously playing the million dollar payout slots games which are also infrequent at online casinos). Understanding which type to play will help in the long run as it will allow you to determine your winning strategy for obtaining a great payout!

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