Casino Software a Look Into Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic Software

Online casino software constitutes the basis upon which all successful casino operations are built. Players depend on software that makes the games fair and safe, and they are also attracted to the aesthetic look of the games, with graphics and animation, as well as the convenience offered by certain player options.

That is why the major developers of software are so important for casinos to partner with. In this piece we take a look at three of the companies that are the most respected: Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech, and discuss briefly how they are able to service both the client and the end user with the highest quality of casino games.



Of the companies that make up the online casino software industry, if there is one that is seen by most observers as "state-of-the-art," it is Microgaming, which is a pioneer in the business, having been in operation since 1994. In fact, Microgaming makes the claim that it built the structure for the first online casino. This is a company that hasn't slowed up at all; in fact, Microgaming has continued to advance itself every since, and it is the most popular choice of casino operators.

Microgaming offers the widest selection of casino games, with over 500 of them to display in its full suite. This gives the company the opportunity to be the most expansive in just about every area imaginable. For example, slots make up about half the games they offer, and players who are exposed to the entire collection will understand that no matter what kind of slot game they want to play, they are going to find it, whether it is the "old school" classic slots or the more advanced video slots.

What Microgaming does with its "Gold Series" of games is strong too, as it presents for versions of blackjack than anyone else has to offer. And the video slots offer chills and thrills as players can play up to a hundred hands at a time. And a common thread through all of Microgaming's offerings is that they allow players to have controls at their disposal that make the games more flexible, in the way of customizing the atmosphere with size, speed and sound adjustments. Essentially, you can play as fast as you want.

Microgaming also goes big with payouts. They have an established network of all the casinos that it works with, resulting in a pooling of jackpot resources, so that the progressive games they offer can bring massive jackpots. This is a major selling point, because customers can track these jackpots at all times as they grow.



Playtech has been one of the top names in casino gaming software for a long time. And like all of the companies that are successful in this industry, it is one that is constantly evolving. Playtech is unique in that it takes all the technical and creative juices at its disposal to discover new ways to bring enjoyment to casino customers.

As a result, Playtech is probably the most expansive of casino software companies, not just developing software for online casinos, but also entering the areas of live dealer casinos, sports betting operations, online bingo sites, online poker rooms and even mobile devices. They are, in short, perhaps the most versatile company out there.

They have really changed with player tastes and player demands. Along those lines, they are very big on 3D graphics for its games, and that is one of the things always highlighted when it comes to discussing the Playtech portfolio.

The company also understands that players want to control the atmosphere through which they play the games. So if you are in a Playtech casino, you get to maximize the size of the game, to make things easier to view and play, and can put as much sound into that game as you want. Some want more than others, and Playtech lets you run the full gamut.

If there is a signature offering, or series of offerings, for which Playtech is known, it encompasses the games that highlight a brand that is very familiar in pop culture. We see this in their Marvel slot games, which are associated with figures that are known through Marvel Entertainment. Playtech customers will get to play games that are branded with The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Iron Man and X-Men, among others. Some of these are also progressives, which are connected to a number of Playtech casinos through a network that enables huge jackpots to be paid.



Cryptologic is another of those companies that has been around a long time, and thus has earned its reputation not only as a pioneer in online casino software, but also a company that has stood the test of time. They were right on the scene when online casinos came of age, and the company has certainly aged well.

Established back in 1996, Cryptologic connected with its first software "partner" at InterCasino, which has been one of the leading online gaming operations ever since. There have been many other high-profile clients along the way, and these have included Paddy Power, Virgin, Victor Chandler, and Bet365. These are some of the biggest and most well-respected operations in the online casino business.

Cryptologic software allows its casino clients to communicate in various languages and accept any number of currencies, which is pivotal to its international presence. The software is licensed under the name WagerLogic, and brings close to 300 games to the table for players to enjoy. And like Playtech, there are a number of brand names Cryptologic is associated with, which include Batman, Spider Man, Conan the Barbarian, Captain America, Thor and Wonder Woman. Those are slot games, but Cryptologic also deals with a wide variety of other games, including blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, keno and many more.

What players don't often see when they are playing is the "back end," which helps make the games more safe and secure, and in this area the Cryptologic/WagerLogic combination is very strong. That is why they have been able to retain their clients for many, many years. Fifteen years is an eternity in the online casino industry, and while others have come and gone, Cryptologic clearly has all the bases covered.

This is a company that has helped to "advance the ball" as far as the development of games is concerned, and that is one thing that has made the industry better.

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