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The Hollandish Strategy In Roulette

January 12, 2016

Roulette is one of the most entertaining casino games that anyone can play. Whether online or off, Roulette remains a very popular game and casino players continually search out strategies, tips and tricks to aid and support them in their play. One such strategy that can be used casino players is known as the Hollandish Roulette strategy. The Hollandish Roulette strategy is essentially a type of progression strategy that works in a straightforward manner. Basically, the casino player begins with a $1 bet and wager in a sequence such as 1,3,5,7,11. In essence, the amount that is wagered is increased by two.

It is essential to understand, however, that the sequence is not necessarily worked through as opposed to the Martingale strategy where it is. The casino player ends up making a total of three bets at each progression. When the casino player has achieved a win, they are to then go back to the beginning of the sequence. The steps of the strategy work as follows: the casino player needs to pick any even money bet such as 19-36. Then the casino player will begin their weagering and bet a particular amount a total of three times. This means betting the aforementioned $1 a three times. If the casino player happens to win on two or three of the bets, then the strategy observes that as a win and then the casino player will subsequently go back to betting the $1 again a total of three times.

If the casino player does not win any of their bets on 19-36, then that is known as a loss and the casino player will then move within the sequence starting at $3 bets instead of $1 bets. If the casino player wins with the $3 bets, then the casino player goes back to $1 bets. This is why it is stated that with the Hollandish Roulette strategy that the casino player does not progress through the sequence. The process ultimately starts again and again as long as the casino player is winning. If at anytime, the casino player is losing, then they move through the sequence - thus, this strategy is a negative progression system in its overall dynamics. Casino enthusiasts have noted that the Hollandish Roulette strategy is one of the simpler strategies to understand and learn. The betting is very easy and does not require any specific mathematics, as some of the other systems do.

The best aspect of the strategy is that it is a slower progression system and can take a significant amount of time longer for the wagers to be big when compared to the other systems that are recommended by casino enthusiasts. The con of the Hollandish strategy is that the casino player has the potential to lose a notable amount of money if they run up against a losing streak because the bets increase when that occurs. As with every strategy, however, the casino player should know how much they will be betting in the casino game to avoid this.

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